Care Guidelines/FAQ

Care Guidelines

Everyday Cleaning:

Rinse board under hot water, scrub clean with a sponge and mild dish soap. Wipe and allow to air dry. It’s best to clean immediately after use.

Monthly Maintenance:

Apply mineral oil/ cutting board oil to board; rub into wood going with the grain. Let sit for at least ten minutes; wipe away excess oil and allow to air dry.

Spot Cleaning and Odors:

Make a coarse paste of salt, water and baking soda. Scrub paste on the area with a cloth or sponge, rinse, wipe, and air dry. To remove odors, spray the board with white vinegar; lightly scrub with a cloth or sponge, rinse, wipe and air dry.


Never put your board in dishwasher. Do not soak your board or leave it in the sink. All can make your board split or warp.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are feet installed on your cutting boards?

Rubber feet are installed on all of our boards (unless specified) to ensure proper care, as it allows airflow under the board while air drying. This prevents the board from retaining moisture which can damage the board over time. Feet also provide a better grip on slippery surfaces.

How thick are your boards? 

Unless otherwise noted, our cutting boards are approximately 1" thick; however, custom sizes can be made upon request. 

How do I create a custom order?

It is best to discuss the details of your order over the phone. You can click on the Contact Us page and give us a call, or feel free to shoot us an email or text to get started.

How do I order a board with engraving?

You can add a note to your order at checkout. Please include what you would like engraved (words, picture, logo, etc.), size, font style, and location. If you would like to provide your own image, please indicate this in your note, and then email the image you would like to use to Engraving fees are additional and subject to complexity and size.

 Feel free to Contact Us with any other questions.